Mike Arnold, then-COO of One Gro Farms, with his parents.
Mike Arnold, then-COO of One Gro Farms, with his parents.

Our Approach

From Honu Xpress, Inc. Founder Mike Arnold: I founded One Gro, Inc in Oregon with the intent of disrupting the Oregon cannabis space.  It worked.  I made the bold statement in February of 2017 that I was going to acquire property, develop it, apply for licenses, get approval, and farm a complete harvest all with no cannabis experience and little personal capital.

Fast forward eight months and I had created from this idea the largest cannabis farms by volume of plants in the state of Oregon. And we were vertically integrated with all state licenses (grow, wholesale, processing, and dispensary) due to my aggressive mergers and acquisitions plan.

My approach was simple: acquire finite resources (real estate, OLCC licenses, capital, intellectual property, people, and systems) and never give up and never accept failure as an option.  I set reasonable strategic goals that I know I can achieve, map out the tactics to achieve them, and attempt to figure out every risk and then work out multiple plans to mitigate the risks. Then, I always try to have a backup plan to deal with the problems when the risks materialize despite all the planning.

This constant war gaming in my head allowed me to envision an industry much like I grew up with in the Midwest (scaled-up ag on family farms) and implement that vision with ferocity that I developed on the rugby field at Truman State University (Kirksville, Missouri) and developed in the courtroom as one of Oregon's top high-profile trial lawyers.

My skill set in the Oregon cannabis space became obvious: I can find value where others do not see it. I have a unique affinity to solve complex problems where others see no solution. And I never quit.  This was valuable in a start-up and I hope to continue this in my new ventures.

Next Steps...

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