Mike Arnold

Mike with dried flower stored after his first cannabis harvest.

Founder, President & CEO

Mike is an experienced attorney, cannabis entrepreneur & large-scale farm operator.

Mike is experience in jury trials & complex criminal & civil litigation involving multiple parties & witnesses, voluminous discovery, expert witnesses, & high stakes. He was managing partner of Arnold Law for 10 years & was the chief trial lawyer of the firm until he departed in June 2017. Mike’s leadership brought a two-attorney law firm into the powerhouse it is today.

Mike is also the author of "Finishing Machine,” a book about a client accused of murdering an unarmed man.

He also has a steady presence in national media including a CBS 48 Hours episode entitled “Trail of Tears” & his high-profile public response to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation through his representation of Ammon Bundy.

In 2017, Mike founded One Gro, which earned over $1.5M in revenue in its first 10 months of operations. He has utilized his unique brand of strategic thinking, his traditional Midwest farming skills & his legal knowledge to position this new enterprise as “big ag” meets “big pharma” by quickly becoming one of the largest farm conglomerates in Oregon while also building a strong executive team with deep roots in traditional businesses & agronomy.
As stated in the Register-Guard : “Arnold says it’s rugby, which can get pretty rough, that ‘fits in perfectly with (his) personality.’ He’s quick to add that the attitude he brought to the pitch sometimes carries over to his law practice. ‘I have a tendency to put my head down & run into a wall if the cause is right.’

(Photo: Mike with dried flower stored after his first harvest ever).

Caitlin Maile

caitlin in barn

Vice President of Science & Innovation; Liaison to Hawaii strategic partners

Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and has extensively studied both inorganic chemistry as well as Latin and Ancient Greek. Before moving to Oregon in 2015 Caitlin spent 2 years researching the metalation of the rhodium ion which is the subject of her research paper published by the American Chemical Society entitled “Synthesis of a Tris(phosphaalkene)phosphine Ligand and Fundamental Organometallic Reactions on Its Sterically Shielded Metal Complexes.”.

Caitlin's research paper as well as the other work done by her lab director Dr. Matthew Felix Cain is also featured in an issue of C&EN magazine which is a highly regarded publication by the American Chemical Society.

While spending most nights in the lab Caitlin spent the better part of her days assisting the student activities director of her university's student housing services and served 4 full years as a Resident Assistant.

She also has experience with corporate governance, SEC-compliance, and marijuana regulatory compliance, having served as Assistant Director of One Gro Farms and Executive Assistant to the One Gro Chairman of the Board.

Caitlin enjoys the ocean, solariums, and her dog and (sometimes) her cat.

(Photo: Caitlin in the One Gro 80,000 cfm drying barn designed and developed by Mike Arnold).

John Magliana


Corporate General Counsel

John is a founder of Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH:CN) and chief strategist. John was at GLH at the inception of the Company and helped guide management through the strategic business and legal decisions which ultimately led to the Company going public in October of 2015.

John is a widely recognized general counsel and transaction lawyer with over 31 years in planning, negotiating, structuring, conducting effective due diligence examinations and implementing international and domestic business transactions to his clients’ optimum tax and business advantage.

He has been lead counsel in literally hundreds of business transactions including both equity and asset sales and purchases, as well as all forms of reorganizations, financings, and restructuring, involving both public and private companies. John has also served in a variety of business capacities over the years with early-stage and established companies, including President, V.P. of Corporate Development, Secretary and a Director, giving him a practical insight that is rare for attorneys.

Peter Machacek

14195309_10207168273512966_1398511194257243365_o (1)


Peter Macheck (pronounced"Muh-HA-check") comes to Honu Xpress with 16 years of operations experience in the Flat, Metal, Plastic, and Textile Screen Printing & Vinyl industry.

He entered the cannabis world as an investor of One Gro, Inc. with a strong interest in cryptocurrency.


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